Why I Started A Blog

Well hello friends, I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year! It feels like such a long time ago doesn’t it?

I decided not to do a blog post on 2017, but instead wrote a little reflection on the past year in a recent Instagram, so if you fancy reading that then check out that post here. #plugplugplug

One thing that I felt like I couldn’t not address here, however, had to be be launching emilyjames.co back in June. I’ve been writing blog posts on lots of different topics since then, from University, transitioning into the working world, days out in London and of course bits and pieces of clothing that I’ve been loving along the way. But one that I’ve never really spoken about is why I decided to start a blog.

For many people, blogging might seem like a strange hobby to take up, because it is essentially writing up the thoughts in your mind and putting yourself out there online. It was a bit of a daunting prospect for me, and although I knew it was something I wanted to do I was nervous out of what people might think.

I was worried that people would think I had become self indulged or fixated on material things. What would they think of me? What if it doesn’t work? What if no-one cares? I had a lot of these questions floating around my head in the run up to starting my blog, but it reached a certain point when I realised that what I do shouldn’t be influenced by what someone *might* think. If the fear of stepping out was going to prevent me from pursuing something I wanted, then I wouldn’t really be living for myself, would I? And if I was going to do it, it needed to be first and foremost for my enjoyment. I needed to accept that if no-one was interested by it, not even my mama, then that had to be A-OK with me. It’s a bonus that she does read it, and quotes parts of it back to me when I see her (what a babe) but realising this early on was a big motivator for me to really go and make my website.

So why emilyjames.co? I love fashion, make-up and homeware. Flipping love it. I’ve been watching YouTube for years, following style Instagrammer’s for longer than I can remember and always wanted to get involved and have a go myself. When I was little I loved watching my mum and sister get ready when they were going out and seeing how they would do their make-up and hair. And I enjoy playing around with it now, trying out different products, looking for that perfect item of clothing and getting bits and bobs for my house. I find it fun thinking up different outfits to try out and starting the blog has really encouraged me to use the items I already own and style them in a different way.

But as much as I enjoy these things, I felt strongly that I didn’t want this to be the only focus of my blog. There are so, so many amazing websites out there that do this really well, but from day one I knew I wanted to write about topics that I’m passionate about; like studying at University, living and working in Brighton, my views on fast fashion and the transition from being a student into an adult. We can get so accustomed to hearing the same message that you must have ‘X’ to be happy. I want my blog to be a place that challenges that. Fashion, beauty and homeware bits are fab, but the real importance lies not in having these things, but who we are with these things.

So that’s my hope for my little corner of the internet. To share the things and places I love, but also reminding you and myself of these truths: Life is short so follow what drives you. Be kind to people and work hard.

I’ve got some really exciting plans for emilyjames.co in 2018 and I’d love it if you’d be there with me!

I’ll see you real soon,

Emily James

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