What Fashion Means to Me

Clothes are funny things aren’t they? For some of us, we can spend a lot of our time- and cash- buying items that make us look and feel great. For others, what we wear and the style of the fabric we choose isn’t a big deal. Instead clothes are just functional, they are pieces we replace when they get too worn or when the seasons change. Sometimes I think I fall in the middle of these views, as I love coming up with ideas of outfits I want to wear, and finding the perfect item that I’ve imagined in my head. But I try to be disciplined too, and instead of constantly acquiring more and more pieces, I’m becoming more strict with what I buy. There are shops filled with beautiful items, but my rule is that if I’m gonna buy it, it’s got to be ‘me’ and it’s got to be wearable.

For me, fashion is about functionality but it’s also about expression. Sure, that might sound pretentious, but I think we can all agree it’s a great feeling when you find the jacket that you’ve been looking for, wearing it out and feeling bladdy amazing. A new pair of trainers can put a literal spring in your step, and wearing that perfect maxi dress from Warehouse can be just what you need to feel your most confident that day.In this day and age, we’re all too aware of fast fashion and the pressure to buy into new trends left, right and centre. And as someone with an interest in fashion- it was one of my motivations for starting this blog- I’m conscious that, for me, I want to share quality over quantity. Don’t get me wrong I’m up for trying out the latest trends but my wardrobe is only full of those ‘perfect’ items, that last years and make me feel great as soon as I wear them.

After a pretty busy couple of weeks it felt amazing to have a good old mooch around Brighton in the sunshine. (It wouldn’t be a blog post of mine if I didn’t refer to the weather somewhere, would it?) As it was so hot, I was able to bring out some of my favourite summer clothes which was one of the best things ever! Yes it might have been snowing a few weeks ago, but when the sun comes out it means dresses and sandals, so seeya next winter puffa jacket…

For this day I wore my New Look sandals that I found last summer and have been such a great investment! They’ve survived holidays, weddings, dancing, a lot of walking and they are still going strong. I also grabbed my circle bag and leather jacket, both from Topshop (although I didn’t really need it as it was roasting!) I got this jacket about 4 years ago and it’s such a staple and can be worn with dresses, jeans, skirts and it works a treat! And speaking of, I took the opportunity to bare my legs and wore this beautiful stripe dress from Warehouse. I can’t decide whether it’s the cut of the dress, the fabric or the fact it can be dressed up and down (a winner in my eyes) but I felt incredible wearing this, and got lots of compliments on it too! It’s a great feeling wearing something that looks beautiful, but it’s even better when you find that perfect item that you know will slot right into your wardrobe.

So, what does fashion mean to you? Are you a shopaholic, strict with your spending, or like me, trying to be somewhere in the middle?

Let me know your thoughts below,

Lots of love and see you soon!

Emily James

*This was a collaborative post but all opinions are my own.

  • Dress- Warehouse
  • Bag- Topshop
  • Sunglasses- Ollie Quinn
  • Sandals- Newlook

Photography- Olivia Foley