my sunday best

Last weekend, the weather was hot, the birds were chirping and the sun was out so naturally I decided to wear an all black outfit. My justification to myself being that if I get my toes out, surely I can’t get that hot?! LOGIC.

So here’s a little summary of what I wore that day:

I recently picked up this oversized black denim jacket from Topshop which I luurve. I think it would be great to throw on with a jeans and t-shirt combo as I have donned here, or over a more feminine dress to add a bit of edge (Anna Wintour eat ya heart out). It doesn’t feel too thick either, so it works well in warmer weather and is good alternative to wearing a leather jacket, where there is a high probability that you will simply wither and die from the heat. Also, there are HUGE pockets inside the jacket which makes me very happy, so you can fit everything can fit easily in there;  your phone, purse, bag of biscuits…

So practicality and looks good, hurrah!

For my jeans, I went with my old trusty Jamie Jeans from Topshop which shouldn’t come as a surprise, as everyone and their mum seems to own at least a pair of these! They are flattering AND comfy so they’re a winner for me, and although I went for a black on black here, I think blue jeans would work really well too.

Underneath the jacket I wore this beautiful blouse from Bershka which is light and flowly and has a beautiful waterfall arm situ going on. Perfect to wear something cooler and adds a bit of a break in the black.

But my favourite part of the outfit has to be the shoes. I picked these bad boy up from Newlook and I’m excited to get them out this summer! They’re black, suede strappy sandals with a slight heel, high enough to work with a fancy dress but low enough that you can actually walk in them =WIN. For this outfit I wanted to wear them with jeans so I wrapped the straps a couple times around my ankles but they actually tie up the leg so would look amazing with shorts or dresses too.

And there we have it, a little OOTD. It might not be the most on trend outfit out there, but I go for clothes that I think look good together and I feel confident wearing. And if you’re looking for some new bits to add to this wardrobe then I  hope this has been helpful!

See you in the next one,

Emily James

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