GRAB AND GO: Come With Me To London ft. Manhattan Portage

  Well hello friends, I hope you’ve been having a cracking Easter weekend so far! (pun intended) I’ve been popping up to London a fair bit lately, so I thought I would bring you along with me and show you some of my favourite things to do in the big smoke! This post is in collaboration with Manhattan Portage – big thanks you guys for working with me on this! One of the best things about living in Brighton is that it’s only a short train ride up to London so it’s super easy to pop up for the day. Funnily enough I’m actually writing this post en route to the capital, in my joggers, puffa coat and with a Cadbury’s pot of joy for company. (If you’ve not tried one yet I would highly recommend that you do, they are divine.) A couple of weekends ago we hopped on the train to go see Thriller Live at the West End. It was a very belated Christmas present to my boyfriend and myself and we had the best time, reliving all the hits from the king of pop. If you like a bit of MJ (I mean who doesn’t?!) then it’s a cracking way to spend an afternoon. You rock my world, Michael. On the way to the theatre, we stopped off at Wasabi for lunch in South Kensington for and a chance to check out those b-e-a-u-tiful houses! A girl can dream, hey!

On Saturday I was back in London hanging out with my friend Liv. As much as I enjoy walking around different parts of the city, we decided to explore by bike, so I rented a Boris Bike and it was so much fun! It’s a really great and cheap way to get around without having to hop on the tube. I’d like to confirm that no pedestrians were harmed in the taking of these photos.. #livingmybestlife For my outfit I decided to keep it really casual, wearing my trusty Jamie Jeans and leather jacket, both from Topshop , my classic Vans and my backpack from Manhattan Portage. We popped over to Somerset House for a quick nosey around- it is so, so beautiful! And then we headed towards Covent Garden for a spot of window shopping and generally playing about being tourists.

When I come up to London it can be hard to know what I’m going to need to bring with me for that day. I’m the girl that likes to pack everything I own with me *just in case* I’ll need it. So what I’ve been loving about my backpack from Manhattan Portage is that I can fit all my essentials from my laptop, journal, make up bits and extra layers which have been so needed at this time of year! So there we have it, some of my favourite things to do when I pop up to London! I’m thinking of starting a of Grab and Go series for when I visit different cities, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more in the future! And a big shout out to Manhatthan Portage for working with me on this post! If you’d like to check out their collection of bags then just click here See you in my next one! Emily James xo

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Photography- Olivia Foley and Mike Coltman