Oh hey there, it’s been a while hasn’t it?

I’m SO happy to finally be back on my blog after taking a bit of an unintentional break. I realised the last post I had written was about my trip to Hong Kong back in May and before that I can’t even remember! If I’m honest, I’ve been feeling out of the game with blogging; life has been very busy the last couple of months and I’ve definitely allowed it to get in the way. Just to catch you up to speed, I moved house, started a new position at work, my brother got married and my sister is about to have a baby! But I’ve also been taking a bit of time to reflect on my blog, why I have it and the kind of place I want it to be. You might notice there’s been a refresh on my website and I’ve been trying to change up the feel of it, so it’s a little more ‘me’.

We all know that blogging is an immensely popular and rapidly expanding industry. I started my website just over a year ago and I still feel relatively new to it all! I love following and reading other people’s posts but lately I’ve been struggling with the fact that I haven’t felt able to contribute something. I realised I was getting jealous and comparing myself a lot more to other people that were doing their own thing. It’s a horrible feeling when those insecurities start creeping in and affect how you feel, especially when you actually do feel proud of those people!

I’ve always seen my blog as a place where I can be open and share the things I am going through that I think other people might relate to. But the last few months have also reminded me that it’s also a personal outlet for me to express how I feel. There’s something really satisfying with the process of writing on a topic I feel passionate about and putting it out there, even if no-one is going to read it! So I’d really encourage you to do the same in whichever way you relate to, writing, music, art- whatever!

I’ve got some ideas on how to keep this a place that reflects who I am and that can provoke discussion on different topics. But I think I’m going to leave that for now, because I really just wanted to say I am back, I am SO ready to get stuck into writing more and I feel really excited about what could happen over here on

See you very soon,

Emily James

Jacket: Missguided

Hair scarf: Accessorize 

Dress: Missguided

Photography: Olivia Foley