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Well hello friends!

I thought for today’s post I would do something a little different and show what I do to get ready in the morning. Now straight up I want to say my average morning does not look like this as more often than not I opt to spend those precious 20 minutes in bed rather than taking my time to get ready, so do not be fooled! But when I do manage to get up early, or have that extra time at the weekend, then these are some of my favourite products to get me ready for the day:

Primer- The Body Shop Tea Tree Primer-I’m pretty new to the primer party (if we can say that’s a thing?) because I felt sceptical of buying a product that was essentially, transparent. But it began to feel a little tedious touching up make up throughout the day to then see the products look cakey on my skin, so I decided to see what the hype was about. I picked this one up from the Body Shop recently and it’s made such a difference to how my make up lasts throughout the day!  Not only does it reduce the appearance of pores so that make up glides on, it also contains tea tree oil to prevent breakouts. Isn’t that fab! You may remember that just before Christmas I went to a blogger’s event with the Body Shop. It was great to see their skincare range and find out more about a brand that’s not only against animal testing but also places a really strong emphasis on helping people around the world. Body Shop, you’re a bit of a babe.

Foundation- Bourgois Healthy Mix Serum. I’ve been using this for years and I always come back to it! It’s really light on the skin so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing any make up but it gives a lovely natural glow. It’s great for wearing everyday but it’s also easy to build if you want a bit more coverage.

ConcealerMaybelline Age Rewind Concealer.  This suff is super quick and easy to use so it’s perfect if you’re doing make up in a rush! It has a sponge on the end so all you need to do is twist and pat the sponge onto the skin. It’s great for using under the eyes when you want to look more awake or when you need to cover up a pesky breakout. Recently I’ve been applying it along the tops of the cheek bones, on the bridge of the nose and just under the arch of the eyebrow for a subtle highlight.

Eyebrows- They’re funny things aren’t they? Get them right and they can help to define and frame the face, get them wrong and they can resemble two caterpillars that have had an argument with each other.. we’ve all been there.  I’ve tried lots of different products over the years and I’ve finally found the perfect combination that works for me. Instead of using an eyebrow pencil, I actually use an ashy brown eyeshadow. I just use an eyebrow brush to apply and the best thing is that my pot of eyeshadow lasts me so much longer than using anything else! Then I go in with Maybelline Brow Precise Filler. It acts as a setting gel to tame those beasts in place but it has brown fibres that add hair-like texture onto the brows. It sounds crazy, but makes them look fuller, thicker and more natural too!

I’ve got pretty fair skin, so to add some colour I use Bourjois The Chocolate Bronzer. Now surely the name itself is good enough reason to try it? It actually has a subtle smell, so it’s not overpowering but gives a lovely bronzed look to the skin. I sweep this just below my cheekbone to act as a contour and across the top of my forehead for a natural sun kissed glow. Yum.

For my eyes, I use my trusty Maybelline Lash Sensational. This is really the bees knees of mascara in my humble opinion and it makes my eyelashes look so much longer than they really are! One coat gives a natural fluttery look, or wait to dry and apply a second coat for a fuller, more dramatic effect.

And to top it off I go in with lip balm or a soft, pink/nude lipstick. This shade looks flattering on all skin types and doesn’t need a lot of touching up throughout the day, so it’s a winner for me! I’ve recently been using a matt nude lipstick from Soap and Glory and I’ve been loving it!

Now unfortunately it’s not socially acceptable to leave the house in my pjs, so I wanted to grab something comfy and easy to wear. I decided to go for my trusty Topshop Jeans. I’ve always been a lover of skinny Jamie or Joni style jeans from Topshop, but I got tired of the material loosening and having to replacing them so frequently. This pair falls somewhere between mom jeans and straight leg jeans, so they’re flattering, really comfy and the best thing is they are made out of thick denim so they also hold their shape.

I paired the jeans with a light green bodysuit and trench coat, both from Topshop and my trusty white Converse. They’re not the comfiest shoes I own but I love them and they go with pretty much everything! I decided to grab my suede bucket bag from Zara that I found in the January sales reduced to £20! (Side note, if any of you delved into your local Zara in the sale season I applaud you. Absolute carnage).

My sunglasses are from Accessorize and also another sale find- they were reduced from £15 to £2- WHAT a bargain! And my belt is from River Island. It looks nice, it was cheap and it holds my jeans in place, so what more could you want in a belt? #fashun

So there we have it, my favourite go-to products I grab when getting ready in the morning! If you have any other questions about all things beauty please just ask! I might be doing a post on all things hair soon…


Emily James


  • Photography- Olivia Foley

5 Replies to “Get Ready With Me”

  1. I’ve always been spectacle of primer too, definitely gonna have to try that one now. Love Body shop products!
    BUT WOW those jeans! I love the shape of them! I have a pair thats slightly similar. I find heavier feeling jeans make my figure look better!
    Just found your blog, gonna have to take a look around!

    1. Oh Lauren I’m glad you enjoyed the post! I’d definitely recommend checking out the Body Shop’s stuff, I really want to get my hands on the Drops of Youth range! And I’ve been pretty much living in those jeans- when you find the perfect pair it’s all you wanna wear haha xx

  2. Love this post so much – the pictures are gorgeous! I’m seriously obsessed with your belt and I’ve been eyeing up these jeans for so long – think it’s time I finally got some!

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