Enjoying the Now

Alright, I have to come out with it. I want to talk about weather. That’s right, forget about outfit shots, ramblings about University or reflections on career choices, this gal right here wants to chat to you about the rain and clouds. But seriously, what’s been going on outside? It feels like as soon as September came around, the dark clouds rolled in, the temperature dropped and it’s been getting dark earlier and earlier in the evenings. I see u creeping in. Maybe every year is like this but this time it felt different, Summer was OUT and crappy weather was IN. So not a big change in the U.K. then, really.

September always feels like a significant month. It marked the beginning of an academic year, the start of Autumn and most importantly Bake Off graced our screens once again. And with all the gloomy weather recently, I’ve been getting in full swing of embracing the new season. Basic blonde girl Gingerbread latte? Check. Fairy lights, candles and blankets? Check. Drinking copious amounts of tea ‘because it’s cold out’? Check. I’ve got it down.

But with all the hype surrounding this new season, it’s got me thinking about how easy it is to constantly want the next big thing. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE getting excited for things that are coming up (remember this is coming from the girl who wears Christmas socks ALL YEAR LONG) but it’s so easy to fall into the habit of always wanting what’s to come and forgetting to enjoy where we’re at now. It may be that the start of Autumn doesn’t faze you in the slightest, but this tendency to count down to the next big thing can tap in to so many different areas of our day-to-day lives.

Maybe you find yourself at work constantly counting the days until the weekend, or you’re wanting the days to hurry up for that holiday that’s booked for next month, or you’ve decided you’ll only start that thing you’ve been wanting to do once the new year rolls in, because “it’s easier to start then.”

It’s so easy to do isn’t it?

I’m guilty of this. When I was younger all I wanted to be was grown up. Being the youngest in my family, my brother and sister’s friends would often see me as the baby, and some nicknamed me “the mini one”. Naturally I wouldn’t be allowed to do all the fun things they were allowed to do, so I felt like I was constantly missing out. They seemed so cool and grown up to me and I found myself wishing I was their age and had the independence they had. I have a really vivid memory of trying to picture what I’d be like when I was older, what I’d look like and what I’d be doing. And in my head that’s when I’d be really happy.

I find it funny about how much I used to think about these things, because the reality of being older isn’t as exciting as I made it out to be. Of course I have the freedom to go out whenever I want to, although we’ve already established that Bake Off is back so it isn’t a common occurrence… I look pretty much the same as I did when I was little, minus the fringe, bob and my Clarks sandals (so I guess some things are looking up).  And while I’ve moved out, I’m responsible for keeping myself alive, rent paid and washing piles under control, so it’s not necessarily as glamorous as I’d imagined.

It’s made me realise there is a danger in constantly wanting the Next Big Thing. It could be going to University, getting that job, getting into a relationship. Without realising, we can fall into the habit of not enjoying where we’re at now and the things we do have because we’re too busy wishing for the future.  And the real danger is, once we do reach these stages or get these things, we might not even be able to fully appreciate them because our minds switch to thinking of the Next Big Thing. Getting a car, buying a flat, purchasing a pooch (one day lil guy, one day).

I think it’s great to set goals and look forward to reaching stages in life. Jeez I’m totes excited for those things. But it’s equally as important to find ways to enjoy where we’re at now, at whatever stage that may be. Especially when we don’t have everything figured out. Life isn’t always going to be peachy, and it’s not possible to predict what it has in store for us. But it’d be a lot less exciting if we knew everything that was going to happen. On those miserable Mondays when all you want to do is bury yourself in your bed, cancelling all plans and wishing it could be Friday tomorrow, let’s find ways to make the most of where we’re at now. It might be keeping that plan to go out to the pub with friends, taking steps to change the situation we’re in or just taking time to chill with a housemate and have a cuppa.

So instead of falling into the habit of focussing on whats next, the next holiday, the next opportunity, the next milestone, I want to take time make the most out of the things I’m going through now. Because while the big exciting moments will be great, it’s the small, everyday moments that shape us as people too.

And that’s my challenge to you.


  • Jumper- Zara
  • Skirt- PrettyLittleThing
  • Boots- Asos
  • Photography- Olivia Foley 

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