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Now, I’m no Miranda Priestly (fellow Devil Wears Prada fans hollaaaa) but I like to think I have a vague idea of the trends that are currently floating around, and wowzer, gingham print has been popping up left, right and centre. Seriously it is erry’where. In the shops, online, even Kate Middleton has been spotted wearing the pattern so if that isn’t a good enough reason to try it, what is? Just try and pop into Zara without spotting something cute in gingham I dare ya.

I have to say, sometimes I feel hesitant to buy big trend pieces because I want to be sure the clothes I buy will last, and I’ll still enjoy wearing them in 12 months time. But gingham has got me- it’s cute, wearable, plus it’s black and white so surely that’ll always look good, right?

So if you’re also looking for ways to incorporate trends, in a way that’s wearable and will last, then look no further.

I found this little number on Missguided and I had to pick it up. It’s a beautiful wrap dress with gathered sleeves and I’m smitten with it. One of the best things is that it has an adjustable waist so it’s really comfy, plus ideal for those needed post- lunch adjustments, amiriiight ladies?! It’s cheap too, this bad boy was only £25 so it’s a more affordable way to buy into the trend without spending loads of pennies.

It’s also a great alternative summer dress, for when you don’t want to wear something really feminine and floral but still want to get ya legs out. The material is really lightweight so it’s definitely a good one to wear in warmer weather and it comes with a black slip sewn it so it has you covered, literally.

I’ve seen gingham dresses popping up in a range of colours, but the black and white combo is a classic and goes with everything. It was absolutely roasting on the day we took these photos, so I played it simple and paired it with my black wrap around sandals from Newlook. But on a cooler day wearing it with a denim or leather jacket would work well too.

Now, being honest wearing prints like this can seem a bit of a faff because it feels like they can only be worn with certain clothes and in a certain way. Maybe I’m a bit lazy- I mean ‘jeans and a nice top’ will always be a classic  (though I don’t think we’ll ever know what it actually means?!) but wearing this dress has shown me that gingham is actually really versatile and would look great worn in different ways.  It could be dressed up with fancy shoes and a snazzy coat for more classy look, or would work worn casually with vans and a denim jacket. And in my bid to make this dress last longer than the season, I’ve been thinking of ways to wear it in different the cooler months. I’m thinking wearing it in Autumn worn as a skirt under an oversized cosy jumper would look hella cute.

So there we have it, a little insight into my new fave dress. Hopefully this has shown that there are ways to incorporate trend pieces like this in a way that’s easy and affordable. Win Win. It’s a great go-to option if you’re digging gingham for right now, but it can last longer than a season and be styled in different ways. So expect to see a lot of this old thing cropping up because it turns out, me and gingham have a thing.



Wrap around sandals- Newlook

Photography – OLIVIA FOLEY

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